Configuring Virtual GPU

GPUs are grouped based on the types of virtual GPUs supported on a particular GPU. XenCenter enables you to modify the virtual GPU types allowed per GPU, and group the GPUs based on your requirements. For more information, see GPU.

To modify the virtual GPU types allowed on a particular GPU:

  1. Select the Pool in the Resources pane and select the GPU tab.
  2. If you have selected a pool, select GPUs that you would like to modify using the check boxes located beside the GPU. Remember, each horizontal bar on the GPU tab represents a physical GPU.
  3. Click Edit Selected GPUs. The GPU window displays a list of virtual GPU types. It contains information specific to each virtual GPU type. This information includes: the number of virtual GPUs allowed per GPU, maximum resolution, maximum number of displays per virtual GPU, and the Video RAM.
  4. Modify the selection based on your requirements and select OK. If you would like to pass-through the whole GPU, select Pass-through whole GPU.
Configuring Virtual GPU

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