Create a vApp

To create a vApp, use the Manage vApps dialog box.

  1. Select the pool and, from the Pool menu, select Manage vApps.

    Alternatively, right-click in the Resources pane and select Manage vApps on the shortcut menu.

  2. Select New vApp… on the top left corner of the Manage vApps dialog box.
  3. Enter the name of the new vApp and (optionally) a description, then select Next. You can choose any name you like, but a descriptive name is best. Although it is advisable to avoid having multiple vApps with the same name, it is not a requirement. XenCenter does not enforce any uniqueness constraints on vApp names. It is not necessary to use quotation marks for names that include spaces.
  4. Choose which virtual machines to include in the new vApp and then select Next. You can use the Search box to list only VMs with names that include the specified string.
  5. Specify the startup sequence for the VMs in the vApp, and then select Next.

    Value Description
    Start order Specifies the order in which individual VMs are started up within the vApp, allowing certain VMs to be restarted before others. VMs with a start order value of 0 (zero) start first, then VMs with a start order value of 1, and so on.
    Attempt to start next VM after This value is a delay interval that specifies how long to wait after the VM starts before the next group of VMs in the startup sequence start.


    The shutdown order of VMs in a vApp is always the reverse of the configured start order.

  6. On the final page of the wizard, you can review the vApp configuration. Select Previous to go back and modify any settings, or Finish to create the vApp and close the wizard.
Create a vApp

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