Install supplemental packs

Supplemental packs (including driver disks) are used to modify and extend the functionality of the XenServer host, by installing software into the control domain (dom0). Users can add supplemental packs either during the initial XenServer installation, or at any time afterwards. When you upgrade XenServer, previously applied supplemental packs are removed by upgrade and so they must be reapplied during or after the upgrade. Facilities also exist for OEM partners to add their supplemental packs to XenServer installation repositories to allow automated factory installations. For more information about creating supplemental packs, see the developer documentation.

To install a supplemental pack using XenCenter

  1. Download the supplemental pack ( filename.iso ) to a known location on your computer. Supplemental packs are available to download from the XenServer Downloads page.
  2. From the XenCenter menu, select Tools and then Install Updates.
  3. Read the information on the Before You Start page and then select Next to continue.
  4. On the Select Update page, select Browse to add the supplemental pack and then click Next to continue.
  5. On the Select Servers page, select the pool or host to apply the supplemental pack to. Click Next. This action uploads the supplemental pack to the default SR of the pool or the host.


    If the default SR in a pool is not a shared SR, or does not have enough space, XenCenter tries to upload the supplemental pack to another shared SR with sufficient space. If none of the shared SRs have sufficient space, the supplemental pack is uploaded to local storage on each host.

  6. The Upload page displays the status of the upload. If there is not enough space on the SR, an error is displayed. Click More Info for details and take necessary action to free up the space required for the upload.
  7. After the file is successfully uploaded, XenCenter performs prechecks to determine whether the supplemental pack can be applied onto the selected servers.

    Follow the on-screen recommendations to resolve any update prechecks that have failed. If you would like XenCenter to automatically resolve all failed prechecks, click Resolve All.

  8. Choose the Update Mode. Review the information displayed on the screen and select an appropriate mode. If you select Cancel at this stage, the Install Updates wizard reverts the changes and removes the supplemental pack from the SR.
  9. Select Install update to proceed with the installation. The Install Update wizard shows the progress of the update, displaying the major operations that XenCenter performs while updating each host in the pool.
  10. When the supplemental pack installation is complete, click Finish to close the wizard. The newly installed supplemental pack is displayed in the Updates section on the General tab of the host or the pool.

For information on installing supplemental packs using the CLI, see the developer documentation.

Install supplemental packs