Delete a Snapshot


XenCenter 2023.x.x is currently in preview and is not supported for production use. Note that any future references to production support apply only when XenCenter 2023.x.x and XenServer 8 go from preview status to general availability.

You can use XenCenter 2023.x.x to manage your XenServer 8 and Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 non-production environments. However, to manage your Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 production environment, use XenCenter 8.2.7. For more information, see the XenCenter 8.2.7 documentation.

You can install XenCenter 8.2.7 and XenCenter 2023.x.x on the same system. Installing XenCenter 2023.x.x does not overwrite your XenCenter 8.2.7 installation.

To delete a snapshot

  1. On the Snapshots tab, select the snapshot. Select Delete.
  2. Select OK to confirm.

To delete an orphan snapshot

If the original VM used to create the snapshot has been deleted, you can delete the snapshot as follows:

  1. In the Resources pane, switch to Folder View.
  2. Select to expand the Types group and then expand the Snapshots group.
  3. Select the snapshot, right-click and then select Delete Snapshot on the shortcut menu.
Delete a Snapshot