Updates and Upgrades

XenCenter can automatically check for new XenCenter updates at regular intervals and notify you when a new product version is available. It is recommended that you install all published updates.

Update your version of XenCenter

The most up-to-date version of XenCenter is supplied on the XenServer product downloads page. Use this file to update your XenCenter installation. For more information, see Update XenCenter.

Upgrade your hosts

To upgrade your hosts, use the Rolling Pool Upgrade wizard. You can use this wizard to upgrade multiple servers in a pool with minimal service interruption for running VMs. VMs are automatically migrated onto other available servers as the upgrade is applied to each server in turn. The wizard can also be used to upgrade standalone servers. See Upgrade your hosts.

Update XenServer hosts

With XenServer 8, new features and bug fixes are frequently pushed to the content delivery network (CDN) as available updates for your XenServer hosts and pools, allowing you to benefit from a more efficient release process that delivers new content to you at a faster cadence than was previously possible.

To ensure that you are always on the latest and greatest update, there is no picking and choosing - when you apply updates to your pool, it is updated to the latest, fully tested state. Configure your pool to automatically synchronize with an update channel. This action downloads all available updates to the pool coordinator. You can then apply all of the downloaded updates by using XenCenter.

To configure and apply updates for your XenServer hosts and pools, see Update your hosts.

Update Citrix Hypervisor hosts

Updates to a version of Citrix Hypervisor can be delivered as a Hotfix or a Cumulative Update. Hotfixes generally supply bug fixes to one or more specific issues. Cumulative Updates contain accumulated bug fixes, and occasionally, feature improvements and enhancements. Updates can be quickly applied to your Citrix Hypervisor hosts. For more information, see Update your hosts.

Updates and Upgrades