Attach Virtual Disks

You can add storage to a VM by attaching an existing virtual disk.

  1. Select the VM in the Resources pane, select the Storage tab, and then select Attach. Alternatively, on the Storage menu, select Virtual Disks then Attach Virtual Disk.
  2. Select a virtual disk from the list.
  3. To set access to the virtual disk to read-only, select the Attach as read-only check box. This setting can help prevent data from being overwritten or changed when multiple VMs access the disk. It also allows you to attach the virtual disk to many VMs. To allow write access to the virtual disk, clear the check box.
  4. Click Attach.


    Problems on an underlying SR can sometimes cause an attached virtual disk to become deactivated (“unplugged”). If this situation happens, activate it again from the VM’s Storage tab by selecting it and clicking Activate.

Attach Virtual Disks

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