Modify vApps

You can use the Manage vApps dialog to take the following actions:

  • Change the name or description of a vApp
  • Add or remove VMs from the vApp
  • Change the startup sequence of the VMs in the vApp

Using the Manage vApps dialog

  1. Select the pool and, on the Pool menu, select Manage vApps.

    Alternatively, right-click in the Resources pane and select Manage vApps on the shortcut menu.

  2. Select the vApp and select Properties to open its Properties dialog box.

    Edit Properties icon - a gray square with lines in it.

  3. Select the General tab to change the vApp name or description.
  4. Select the Virtual Machines tab to add or remove VMs from the vApp.
  5. Select the VM Startup Sequence tab to change the start order and delay interval values for individual VMs in the vApp.

    Control Description
    Start order Specifies the order in which individual VMs are started up within the vApp, allowing certain VMs to be restarted before others. VMs with a start order value of 0 (zero) start first, then VMs with a start order value of 1, and so on.
    Attempt to start next VM after This value is a delay interval that specifies how long to wait after the VM starts before the next group of VMs in the sequence start.


    The shutdown order of VMs in a vApp is always the reverse of the configured start order.

  6. Select OK to save your changes and close the Properties dialog box.
Modify vApps