Create a Search Query

Using the Search tab, you can construct queries based on object types, folders, and attributes. Attributes can include name, description, tags, high availability status, restart priority, and power state.

To create a search query

  1. On the Search tab, click New Search.
  2. Under Search for, select the type of resource or combination of resources you want to search for. In addition to resource types such as servers, VMs, and SRs, this list also contains some common combinations of resource types. It also provides options to search all resources.

    To define your own search category, click Custom and select the resource types you want to search for.

    The search is applied when you select an option under Search for. The results are displayed immediately in the bottom half of the Search tab.

  3. Click Save to save the search query.
  4. Type a title for your search query in the Name box.
  5. Click the Location list to choose the server where the search query metadata is saved.
  6. Click Save.


  • Double-click a search result on the Search tab to display the General tab for that resource.
  • To refine the search further, you can apply filters to the results. For more information, see Filter and Group Search Results. Filters are applied when you select a filter option, and the results are updated immediately.
  • To quickly place search results into folders, select Organization Views and then Objects by Folder. Perform a search query, select the search results, and drag them onto folders in the Resources pane. Resources can only be in one folder, so if the resource is already in another folder it is moved. See Using folders to find out more.
  • To quickly tag search results, select Organization Views and then Objects by Tag. Perform a search query, select the search results, and drag them onto tags in the Resources pane. For more information on using tags, see Using tags.
Create a Search Query