Create Scheduled Snapshots

Use the New snapshot schedule wizard to create a Snapshot Schedule that lets you specify the following information:

  • The VMs in the pool to snapshot
  • The type of snapshot to be created (disk-only or disk and memory)
  • The snapshot schedule.

To open the New snapshot schedule wizard: on the Pool menu, select VM Snapshot Schedules, and then select New to start the wizard.

  • Schedule name: Enter a name for the snapshot schedule. Optionally, provide a description.
  • VMs in the snapshot schedule: Select the VMs you would like to add to the snapshot schedule.
  • Snapshot Type: Choose the type of snapshot you would like to take.

    Scheduled snapshots can be either disk-only snapshots or disk and memory snapshots.

    • Disk-only snapshots store the VM’s disks (storage) and metadata. They are crash-consistent and can be performed on all VM types, including Linux VMs.
    • Disk and memory snapshots save the VM’s disks (storage), metadata, and its current memory state (RAM). This type of snapshot can be large.
  • Snapshot schedule: Choose how often you would like to schedule a snapshot.

    Snapshot schedule options:

    • Hourly snapshots: A snapshot of the specified VM or VMs is taken each hour at the specified time.
    • Daily snapshots: A snapshot of the specified VM or VMs is taken each day at the specified time.
    • Weekly snapshots: A snapshot of the specified VM or VMs is taken at the specified time on the specified days of the week. You can select one or more days.

    In the Number of snapshots to keep section, specify the number of snapshot schedules to retain. When the number of scheduled snapshots taken exceeds this value, the oldest snapshot is deleted automatically.


    You can take up to 10 scheduled snapshots per VM.

Quiesced snapshots

In Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 and later, scheduled quiesced snapshots are no longer supported. If you have an existing snapshot schedule for quiesced snapshots that you created with an earlier version, this scheduled snapshot fails in Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 and later. Delete this snapshot schedule and create a snapshot schedule that creates a supported type of snapshot.

Create Scheduled Snapshots