Move Virtual Disks

Virtual disks can be moved or migrated from one storage repository (SR) to a different SR within the same pool. The following types of virtual disks can be moved or migrated:

  • Virtual disks that are not currently attached to any VM.
  • Virtual disks attached to VMs that are not running.
  • Virtual disks attached to running VMs (using storage live migration)


You can move a virtual disk on local storage to shared storage on a different server, but you cannot move it to a local storage on a different server.

About storage live migration

Storage live migration allows you to move virtual disks without having to shut down the VM first, enabling administrative operations such as:

  • Moving a VM from cheap local storage to fast, resilient, array-backed storage.
  • Moving a VM from a development environment to a production environment.
  • Moving between tiers of storage when a VM is limited by storage capacity.
  • Performing storage array upgrades.

Virtual disks with more than one snapshot cannot be migrated.

To move a virtual disk

  1. In the XenCenter Resources pane, select the SR where the virtual disk is stored, and then select the Storage tab. To locate a virtual disk:
    • In the XenCenter Resources pane, select the VM to which the virtual disk that you want to move is attached.
    • Click the Storage tab and identify the SR on which the virtual disk is stored.
  2. From the Virtual Disks list, select one or more virtual disks that you would like to move, and then select Move. Alternatively, right-click on the selected virtual disk and select Move Virtual Disk from the shortcut menu.
  3. In the Move Virtual Disk dialog box, select the target SR that you would like to move the virtual disk to. Make sure that the target SR has sufficient space for another virtual disk: the available space is shown in the list of available SRs.
  4. Click Move to move the virtual disk.
Move Virtual Disks