Scheduled Snapshots


XenCenter YYYY.x.x is not yet supported for use with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 in production environments. To manage your Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 production environment, use XenCenter 8.2.7. For more information, see the XenCenter 8.2.7 documentation.

You can install XenCenter 8.2.7 and XenCenter YYYY.x.x on the same system. Installing XenCenter YYYY.x.x does not overwrite your XenCenter 8.2.7 installation.

The scheduled snapshots feature provides a simple backup and restore utility for your critical service VMs. Regular scheduled snapshots are taken automatically and can be used to restore individual VMs.

Scheduled snapshots work by having pool-wide snapshot schedules for selected VMs in the pool. When a snapshot schedule is enabled, snapshots of the specified VM are taken at the scheduled time each hour, day, or week.

Several scheduled snapshots can be enabled in a pool, covering different VMs and with different schedules. A VM can be assigned to only one snapshot schedule at a time.

XenCenter provides a range of tools to help you use this feature:

  • To define a Scheduled Snapshot, use the New snapshot schedule wizard.
  • To enable, disable, edit, and delete scheduled snapshots for a pool, use the VM Snapshot Schedules dialog box.
  • To edit a snapshot schedule, open its Properties dialog box from the VM Snapshot Schedules dialog box.
  • To revert a VM to a scheduled snapshot, select the snapshot on the Snapshots tab and revert the VM to it.
Scheduled Snapshots

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