Update XenCenter

When a new version of XenCenter is available, XenCenter displays the notification XenCenter Update in the menu bar.

Click this notification to choose one of the following actions:

  • Download and Install: XenCenter downloads the update file, verifies its checksum, and launches the installer.

    By default, XenCenter launches automatically after the installation process has completed. You can change this behavior in the XenCenter Setup wizard.

    If you have events running in XenCenter, XenCenter alerts you of the status of these events. It prompts you to either abort the installation or to exit XenCenter and continue the installation.

  • <version> Release Notes: Open a browser window to view the release notes for the new version of XenCenter on the web.

You can prompt XenCenter to check for updates by going to Help > Check For Updates.

You choose whether to automatically check for updates by going to Tools > Options and then to the Updates panel, deselect Check for new versions of XenCenter.

You can configure a proxy server that XenCenter goes through to check for and download updates. For more information, see Proxy server.


To provide update notifications and automatic updates, XenCenter requires internet access. If your XenCenter is behind a firewall, ensure that it has access to updates.ops.xenserver.com through the firewall. For more information, see Connectivity requirements.

If you cannot allow your XenCenter access to the internet and want to instead update it manually, new versions of the XenCenter installer are periodically supplied on the XenServer product downloads page or the Citrix Hypervisor product downloads page.

Update XenCenter

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