Issues Entering Workload Balancing Credentials

If you cannot get Workload Balancing to accept the appliance user account and password when configuring the Connect to WLB Server dialog, try the following:

  • Ensure the Workload Balancing virtual appliance is imported and was configured correctly and all of its services are running by using the following command: service workloadbalancing start
  • Using Issues Starting Workload Balancing as a guide, check to make sure you are entering the correct credentials.
  • Enter the Workload Balancing server’s IP address if you are having trouble entering the Workload Balancing fully qualified domain name.

You can enter the host name of the Workload Balancing appliance in the Address box, but it must be a fully qualified domain name. For example, yourcomputername.yourdomain.net.

Issues Entering Workload Balancing Credentials

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