XenCenter Event Log

XenCenter maintains an event log which can be helpful with troubleshooting. You can view a summary of events in the current XenCenter session by clicking Notifications and then Events. A much more detailed, permanent record of XenCenter events is stored in a log file in your profile folder. You can use this record to troubleshoot any problems that might arise during the XenCenter session.

Viewing events in the current session

To view the events summary for your current XenCenter session, select Notifications and then Events.

Viewing the XenCenter event log file

A permanent XenCenter log file (syslog) is generated when you use XenCenter. This file includes a complete description of all operations and errors that occur when using XenCenter. It also contains informational logging of events that provide an audit trail of various actions that have occurred in XenCenter and on your managed resources.

The XenCenter log file is stored in %appdata%\Citrix\XenCenter.

The log output from XenCenter is invaluable when diagnosing problems in your XenServer environment. To quickly locate the XenCenter log file, from the XenCenter menu, select Help > View XenCenter Log Files.

Working with events in the current session

XenCenter enables you to filter events in the current session and perform a specific action to address them. The following table lists the various options available in the Events view.

Filter by status

Filters events by their progress

By default, all events for the current XenCenter session are displayed. Select a specific status from the menu to toggle the selection.

Filter by server

Filters events by the source from which they originate

By default, events from all hosts connected to XenCenter are displayed. To stop displaying events from a specific host, select the menu and cancel the selection on the host. Clicking again on the host toggles the selection.

Filter by Date

Filters events based on the time of occurrence

By default, all events for the current XenCenter session are displayed. Select the menu and select a date range from the list. Alternatively, select Custom to define your own date range by specifying the start and end date/time.

Dismiss All

Removes events from the Events view

To dismiss or remove all the current events select Dismiss All. To dismiss a specific set of events, select the required events from the list, and select Dismiss Selected.


Enables you to perform specific actions on the events displayed

Select an event from the list and then select:

  • Dismiss to dismiss the event
  • Go To to navigate to the host from which the event originated. Selecting this action takes you to the Infrastructure view
  • Copy to copy information about the event to the clipboard
XenCenter Event Log