Updating Workload Balancing credentials

After initial configuration, to update the credentials the XenServer server and the Workload Balancing appliance use to communicate, complete the following process:

  1. Disconnect from Workload Balancing, as described in a following section.
  2. Change the WLB credentials by editing the WlbConfig file (run the WlbConfig command in the console on the Workload Balancing virtual appliance). For more information, see the Workload Balancing documentation.
  3. Re-enable Workload Balancing and specify the new credentials, as described in a following section.

Situations when you might want to use these steps include:

  • If you have to change the user account XenServer uses to communicate with Workload Balancing
  • If you receive an error message that the Workload Balancing credentials are no longer valid
  • If the service is unavailable

If you want to modify settings for thresholds and change the priority given to specific resources, see Editing Workload Balancing Settings.

To disconnect from Workload Balancing

  1. In the Resource pane of XenCenter, select the resource pool on which you want to stop Workload Balancing.
  2. From the Pool menu, select Disconnect Workload Balancing Server. The Disconnect Workload Balancing server dialog box appears.
  3. Select Disconnect to permanently stop Workload Balancing from monitoring the pool.

To reenable Workload Balancing and specify the new credentials

  1. After the progress bar completes, select Connect. The Connect to WLB Server dialog box appears.
  2. Select Update Credentials.
  3. In the Server Address section, modify the following as desired:
    • In the Address box, type the IP address or FQDN of the Workload Balancing appliance.
    • (Optional.) If you changed the port number during Workload Balancing Configuration, enter that port number. The port number you specify in this box and during Workload Balancing Configuration is the port number XenServer uses to connect to Workload Balancing.

      By default, XenServer connects to Workload Balancing on port 8012.


      Only edit this port number if you have changed it during Workload Balancing Setup. The port number value specified during Setup and in the Workload Balancing Configuration dialog must match.

  4. In the WLB Server Credentials section, enter the user name (for example, wlbuser) and password the systems running XenServer use to connect to the Workload Balancing server.
  5. In the XenServer Credentials section, enter the user name and password for the pool you are configuring (typically the password for the pool coordinator). Workload Balancing uses these credentials to connect to the computers running XenServer in that pool. To use the credentials with which you are currently logged into XenServer, select the Use the current XenCenter credentials check box.
Updating Workload Balancing credentials