Resolving SR Connectivity Problems

For a storage repository to be available to a server, a connection must exist between the server and the SR. This connection is provided in software by a Physical Block Device (PBD). A PBD stores information that allows a given SR to be mapped to a server. A PBD must be attached or plugged in to the server for the SR to be available. If a PBD is unplugged for some reason, the SR is no longer available to the server and appears with a broken storage icon in the Resources pane.

Broken Storage icon - a Storage icon with a red circle with a white cross icon overlaid.

You might be able to diagnose and resolve some common SR connection problems using the Repair Storage Repository tool. In the Resources pane, select the storage resource, right-click, and select Repair Storage Repository on the shortcut menu.

Alternatively, on the Storage menu, select Repair Storage Repository.

The available storage repositories are listed, and you can see their status.

  • Connected. The connection between the SR and the server is working normally and the storage provided by the SR is available.
  • Unplugged. The storage is unavailable because the PBD is unplugged.
  • Connection missing. The storage is unavailable because the PBD cannot be found.

Select Repair to have XenCenter attempt to repair the storage. Progress and results are displayed within the Repair Storage Repository dialog box.

Resolving SR Connectivity Problems

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