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Class: vdi_nbd_server_info

Details for connecting to a VDI using the Network Block Device protocol

Fields for class: vdi_nbd_server_info

Field Type Qualifier Description
address string RO/runtime An address on which the server can be reached; this can be IPv4, IPv6, or a DNS name.
cert string RO/runtime The TLS certificate of the server
exportname string RO/runtime The exportname to request over NBD. This holds details including an authentication token, so it must be protected appropriately. Clients should regard the exportname as an opaque string or token.
port int RO/runtime The TCP port
subject string RO/runtime For convenience, this redundant field holds a DNS (hostname) subject of the certificate. This can be a wildcard, but only for a certificate that has a wildcard subject and no concrete hostname subjects.

RPCs associated with class: vdi_nbd_server_info

Class vdi_nbd_server_info has no RPCs associated with it.

Class: vdi_nbd_server_info