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The following classes are defined:

Name Description
auth Management of remote authentication services
blob A placeholder for a binary blob
Bond A Network bond that combines physical network interfaces, also known as link aggregation
Certificate An X509 certificate used for TLS connections
Cluster Cluster-wide Cluster metadata
Cluster_host Cluster member metadata
console A console
crashdump Deprecated. A VM crashdump
data_source Data sources for logging in RRDs
DR_task DR task
event Asynchronous event registration and handling
Feature A new piece of functionality
GPU_group A group of compatible GPUs across the resource pool
host A physical host
host_cpu Deprecated. A physical CPU
host_crashdump Represents a host crash dump
host_metrics The metrics associated with a host
host_patch Deprecated. Represents a patch stored on a server
LVHD LVHD SR specific operations
message An message for the attention of the administrator
network A virtual network
network_sriov network-sriov which connects logical pif and physical pif
Observer Describes an observer which will control observability activity in the Toolstack
PBD The physical block devices through which hosts access SRs
PCI A PCI device
PGPU A physical GPU (pGPU)
PIF A physical network interface (note separate VLANs are represented as several PIFs)
PIF_metrics The metrics associated with a physical network interface
pool Pool-wide information
pool_patch Deprecated. Pool-wide patches
pool_update Pool-wide updates to the host software
probe_result A set of properties that describe one result element of SR.probe. Result elements and properties can change dynamically based on changes to the the SR.probe input-parameters or the target.
PUSB A physical USB device
PVS_cache_storage Describes the storage that is available to a PVS site for caching purposes
PVS_proxy a proxy connects a VM/VIF with a PVS site
PVS_server individual machine serving provisioning (block) data
PVS_site machines serving blocks of data for provisioning VMs
Repository Repository for updates
role A set of permissions associated with a subject
SDN_controller Describes the SDN controller that is to connect with the pool
secret A secret
session A session
SM A storage manager plugin
SR A storage repository
sr_stat A set of high-level properties associated with an SR.
subject A user or group that can log in xapi
task A long-running asynchronous task
tunnel A tunnel for network traffic
USB_group A group of compatible USBs across the resource pool
user Deprecated. A user of the system
VBD A virtual block device
VBD_metrics Removed. The metrics associated with a virtual block device
VDI A virtual disk image
vdi_nbd_server_info Details for connecting to a VDI using the Network Block Device protocol
VGPU A virtual GPU (vGPU)
VGPU_type A type of virtual GPU
VIF A virtual network interface
VIF_metrics Removed. The metrics associated with a virtual network device
VLAN A VLAN mux/demux
VM A virtual machine (or ‘guest’).
VM_appliance VM appliance
VM_guest_metrics The metrics reported by the guest (as opposed to inferred from outside)
VM_metrics The metrics associated with a VM
VMPP Removed. VM Protection Policy
VMSS VM Snapshot Schedule
VTPM A virtual TPM device
VUSB Describes the vusb device

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