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Class: probe_result

A set of properties that describe one result element of SR.probe. Result elements and properties can change dynamically based on changes to the the SR.probe input-parameters or the target.

Fields for class: probe_result

Field Type Qualifier Description
complete bool RO/runtime True if this configuration is complete and can be used to call SR.create. False if it requires further iterative calls to SR.probe, to potentially narrow down on a configuration that can be used.
configuration (string -> string) map RO/runtime Plugin-specific configuration which describes where and how to locate the storage repository. This may include the physical block device name, a remote NFS server and path or an RBD storage pool.
extra_info (string -> string) map RO/runtime Additional plugin-specific information about this configuration, that might be of use for an API user. This can for example include the LUN or the WWPN.
sr sr_stat record option RO/runtime Existing SR found for this configuration

RPCs associated with class: probe_result

Class probe_result has no RPCs associated with it.

Class: probe_result