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Class: sr_stat

A set of high-level properties associated with an SR.

Fields for class: sr_stat

Field Type Qualifier Description
clustered bool RO/runtime Indicates whether the SR uses clustered local storage.
free_space int RO/runtime Number of bytes free on the backing storage (in bytes)
health sr_health RO/runtime The health status of the SR.
name_description string RO/runtime Longer, human-readable description of the SR. Descriptions are generally only displayed by clients when the user is examining SRs in detail.
name_label string RO/runtime Short, human-readable label for the SR.
total_space int RO/runtime Total physical size of the backing storage (in bytes)
uuid string option RO/runtime Uuid that uniquely identifies this SR, if one is available.

RPCs associated with class: sr_stat

Class sr_stat has no RPCs associated with it.

Class: sr_stat