With XenServer 8, new features and bug fixes are frequently pushed to the content delivery network (CDN) as available updates for your XenServer hosts and pools, allowing you to benefit from a more efficient release process that delivers new content to you at a faster cadence than was previously possible.

To ensure that you are always on the latest and greatest update, there is no picking and choosing - when you apply updates to your pool, it is updated to the latest, fully tested state. Configure your pool to automatically synchronize with an update channel and then apply all of the downloaded updates by using XenCenter.

Complete the following steps to be able to apply updates to your XenServer hosts and pools:

  1. Install the latest version of XenCenter.
  2. Install or upgrade to XenServer 8.

For information on how to configure and apply updates for your XenServer hosts, see Apply updates to your XenServer hosts.


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