Early Access channel updates

The following features, preview features, improvements, and bug fixes are available in the Early Access update channel. Some of the latest listed entries might not be available in the Normal channel yet. This article doesn’t list all changes in the Early Access channel, just a subset. For the full set of changes available, see the information in the XenCenter Updates view.

Sep 11, 2023

These updates include the following improvements:

  • Enable interrupt balancing for Fibre Channel (FC) PCI devices. This improves performance on fast FC HBA SRs, especially if multipathing is used.
  • Fix for AMD errata #1474. Disable C6 after 1000 days of uptime on AMD Zen2 systems to avoid a crash at ~1044 days.

Aug 31, 2023

These updates include the following improvements:

  • Update the Intel ice driver to v1.11.17.1.
  • Performance improvements for GFS2.

These updates fix the following issues:

  • Performance metrics are not available for GFS2 SRs and disks on these SRs.
  • You cannot snapshot or checkpoint a suspended VM if that VM has a vTPM attached.
  • If a XenServer host crashes, or shuts down abruptly, starting more Windows 11 VMs or migrating more Windows 11 VMs onto that host eventually fails.
  • If, when iSCSI SRs are attached, not all the possible paths are available (for example, an offline controller remote port is down), the SR does not have additional iSCSI sessions added when those remote ports are accessible again.
Early Access channel updates