XenServer 8 Document History

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Date Change Description
24 Aug 2023 Frequent updates in XenServer 8 In XenServer 8, the way we release updates to you has changed. New features and bug fixes are regularly made available to you in XenCenter, allowing you to benefit from a more efficient release process that delivers new content to you at a faster cadence than was previously possible. For more information, see XenServer 8 Overview.
24 Aug 2023 Introducing Trial Edition The Trial Edition lets you try Premium Edition features, but in a restricted size pool of up to 3 hosts. For more information about the different editions of XenServer, see Licensing
24 Aug 2023 Windows 11 support Windows 11 with vTPM is now supported as a guest operating system in XenServer 8. For more information, see Windows Vms.
24 Aug 2023 Restrict use of port 80 To improve security, XenServer 8 now allows you to close TCP port 80 on the management interface and exclusively use HTTPS over port 443 to communicate with XenServer. For more information about how to close port 80, see Restrict use of port 80.
24 Aug 2023 Migration stream compression The migration stream compression feature enables you to speed up the memory transfer on slow networks when live migrating a VM by compressing the data stream between the hosts. For more information, see Pool Properties - Advanced
24 Aug 2023 New release XenServer 8 preview released. For more information, see What’s New.
XenServer 8 Document History

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