Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed in XenServer 8.


  • Rebooting the VM does not have the same effect as powering off and then starting the VM. (CA-188042)

  • If an Active Directory user inherits the pool admin role from an AD group that has spaces in its name, the user cannot log in to XenServer 8 through SSH. (CA-363207)

  • In clustered pools, a network outage might cause the following issues: inability to reconnect to the GFS2 storage after a host reboot, inability to add or remove hosts in a pool, difficulties in managing the pool. (XSI-1386)


  • On hardware with NVIDIA A16/A2 graphics cards, VMs with vGPUs can sometimes fail to migrate with the internal error “Gpumon_interface.Gpumon_error([S(Internal_error);S((Failure “No vGPU available”))])”. (CA-374118)


Windows guests

  • On a Windows VM, sometimes the IP address of an SR-IOV VIF is not visible in XenCenter. (CA-340227)

  • On a Windows VM with more than 8 vCPUs, Receive Side Scaling might not work because the xenvif driver fails to set up the indirection table. (CA-355277)

Linux guests

  • The XenServer VM Tools for Linux can provide an incorrect value for the free memory of the VM that is higher than the correct value. (CA-352996)


  • When attaching an iSCSI LVM SR with multi-target and wildcard targetIQNs to a host, the attach operation can fail if not all targets respond. (CA-375968)

Workload Balancing

  • For a Workload Balancing virtual appliance version 8.2.2 and later that doesn’t use LVM, you cannot extend the available disk space. (CA-358817)

  • In XenCenter, the date range showed on the Workload Balancing Pool Audit Report is incorrect. (CA-357115)

  • During the Workload Balancing maintenance window, Workload Balancing is unable to provide placement recommendations. When this situation occurs, you see the error: “4010 Pool discovery has not been completed. Using original algorithm.” The Workload Balancing maintenance window is less than 20 minutes long and by default is scheduled at midnight. (CA-359926)


  • On Windows 10 (1903 and later) VMs, there can be a delay of a few minutes after installing the XenServer VM Tools before the Switch to Remote Desktop option is available in XenCenter. (CA-322672)

  • XenCenter gives an invalid error when you attempt to create multiple VM disks totalling > 2 TB. (XSI-1467)

Fixed issues