Citrix Hypervisor

Fixed issues

Rolled up Hotfixes in CU1

Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 Cumulative Update 1 includes the following Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 hotfixes:

Additional issues fixed in CU1


  • When multiple VMs start at the same time, Workload Balancing recommends balancing the VMs placement on all servers in the pool evenly. However, sometimes Workload Balancing might recommend putting many VMs on the same Citrix Hypervisor server. This issue occurs when Workload Balancing gets late feedback from XAPI about VM placement. (CA-337867)

  • A runaway process that logs excessively can fill the log partition and prevent log rotation. This issue is resolved by rotating the log files before they exceed 100MB. (CA-356624)

  • When installing Citrix Hypervisor on a system with the HBA355i Adapter Card the system hangs on the install screen. (CA-357134)

  • The DNS settings in xsconsole are not retained after host reboot. (CA-355872)

  • If an SR scan reports errors during SR attach, the attach process can fail. (CA-355401)

  • You cannot use snapshots for VMs located on an NFS SR provided by a Tintri VMstore file system. (CA-359453)

  • Under certain conditions the tapdisk process for a VM can crash when updating performance statistics. (CA-355145)


  • On some servers, VMs with GPU/PCI pass-through configured can fail to boot and log the error; “Operation not permitted.” (CA-356386)

  • [Fixed in the latest Citrix VM Tools for Linux] If you attempt to install the Citrix VM Tools for Linux on a fully up-to-date CentOS 8 system, you see the error: Fatal Error: Failed to determine Linux distribution and version. This is caused by changes in that CentOS 8 updates release on Dec 08, 2020. To work around this issue, specify the OS when installing the Citrix VM Tools for Linux: ./ -d centos -m 8. However, if you use this workaround, the operating system information is not reported back to the Citrix Hypervisor server and does not appear in XenCenter. (CA-349929)

  • The kdump utility and kexec command are now supported on Linux VMs running on Citrix Hypervisor. (CP-24801)


  • If you have FIPS compliance enabled on the system where XenCenter is installed, you cannot import or export VMs in OVF/OVA format or import Virtual Hard Disk images. (CA-340581)

  • When using XenCenter to upgrade pools in parallel and apply all released hotfixes after the upgrade, the hotfix files can be downloaded multiple times. This can cause a delay in hotfix application and increase the amount of downloaded data. (CA-359700)

Fixed issues