Citrix Hypervisor

Fixed issues

This article lists issues present in previous releases that are fixed in this release.


  • On Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 systems that were updated from Citrix Hypervisor 8.0, after XAPI restart you might see errors from the following services:

    • usb-scan.service
    • storage-init.service
    • xapi-domains.service
    • mpathcount.service
    • create-guest-templates.service

    The errors in these services can present various different issues, for example, VMs that have been configured to start automatically might not start. The cause of this issue is xapi-wait-init-complete.service not being enabled. (CA-333953)

  • Improvements to boot time, memory accounting, and stability of Citrix Hypervisor on systems with large amount of RAM. (CP-33195)

  • A system with a software FCoE connection might experience a persistent memory leak in the Dom0 kernel. This memory leak eventually results in a host crash, sudden loss of connectivity, or other issue. (CA-332618)

  • Some of the methods that take a DateTime parameter in the C# SDK and the corresponding PowerShell module cmdlets fail with an internal error. (CA-333871)

  • USB pass-through does not work with version 2.00 devices with a speed less than or equal to 12 Mbps. (CA-328130)

  • In rare error conditions, the XAPI process on the pool master can leak file descriptors for stunnel connections. This issue can cause the pool to become non-operational. (CA-337546)

  • If there is malformed or unexpected content in the /etc/passwd or /etc/group file on your server, an upgrade from an earlier version of XenServer to Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 can fail. (CA-336696)

  • When shutting down the system, a crash might occur and the system is rebooted instead. (CA-334114)

  • If you have previously attempted to install the incorrect version of a driver disk, subsequent driver disk installations can fail because of data remaining in the yum cache. (CA-330961)

  • Sometimes the RRD metrics related to VBDs that Workload Balancing collects from the Citrix Hypervisor control domain can be in an incorrect format. Workload Balancing now ignores incorrectly formatted metrics, collects the metrics again, and sends a WARNING log. (CA-335950)


  • When installing Citrix VM Tools on a Windows VM, the installation might fail with the following error message: Service 'Citrix XenServer Windows Management Agent' (XenSvc) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services. Work around this issue by uninstalling the Citrix VM Tools, rebooting the VM, and then installing the new tools.

  • On CentOS 8 VMs with the Citrix VM Tools installed, boot times can be slow. (CA-333687)

  • A VM migration from a pool member that takes more than 12 hours can fail with a connection reset error. This failure is a caused by an idle connection between the pool master and the pool member timing out. (CA-333610)

  • If the Management Agent is installed on your Windows VM, attempting to copy more than 1 MB of text to the clipboard can cause your VM to become unresponsive. (CA-326354)

  • When objects such as SRs are destroyed, their RRDs are not removed from memory, which can cause memory usage to grow over time. (CA-325582)


  • When running Reclaim Space on a thinly provisioned LUN with more than 2 TB of free space, the operation fails with an ioctl not supported error. (CA-332782)

  • Creating a VDI with Unicode characters in either the name or description causes the database backup script to fail with an error on a GFS2 SR. (CA-335367)

  • The xcp-rrdd-iostat daemon does not recognize VDIs associated with IntelliCache as valid, causing spam in its log file: Could not file device with physical path... (CA-144246)


  • When creating an LVM SR from XenCenter and passing CHAP credentials, the operation might fail with an authentication error. (CA-337280)


  • Greater tolerance for I/O during the leaf coalesces. This change benefits to customers who are taking regular snapshots on active VMs. (CP-32204)

  • Greater tolerance for coalescing large leaves. This change benefits customers who have fast storage. (CP-32204)

  • The xe CLI client that can be installed on a remote Windows or Linux system contains the following improvements:

    • The xe CLI client can now only upload configuration files that are less than 32 MiB
    • The xe CLI client only uploads or downloads files listed in the original command line arguments
    • Diagnostics xe CLI commands are limited to users with the Pool Admin or Pool Operator role

    Update the version of the xe CLI on your remote systems to the latest version provided with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.

  • The read and write latency per device metrics give us the average latency per operation. Previously, this average was taken over all operations ever performed. The average is now taken over the preceding five seconds. This change fixes an issue where the metrics showed constant read or write latencies when no disk operations were in progress. (CA-336067)

Fixed issues